Understanding why weight gain is so prevalent during the Holidays is part of avoiding it. Of course the huge feasts at Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are major contributors but the other thing is that it’s DARK and COLD. This leads to sedentary lifestyle. So we have continued grazing on candies, holiday sweets many days, followed by large feasts and reduced caloric output. Weight gain is simply like a bank. Only the “money” is actually fat. Fat can also be thought of as energy. When you are “spending” your energy, you are burning fat. The process of your body “burning” fat is chemically similar to literally burning it in the sense that when your body uses the fat for energy (making you thinner, albeit slowly, a little bit each time) the products are CO2 and water. Water, of course takes it’s natural course, but the CO2 builds up in the body. Your body needing to get rid of this waste product pumps the heart faster and causes you to breath harder. So – one way to combat the weight gain of the holidays is NOT to wait till January 1st to determine that you are going to “work out every day (or at least 5 days a week) and do at least 20 min of exercise that makes your heart beat harder and makes you breath faster” but to make a plan to start NOW.   I like to say that each little breath out when you’re working you – you’re blowing off just a teeny tiny bit of fat!  Next time, I’ll talk about eating tips!