Is there hope for reversing skin damage?

Just yesterday, an 80-year-old client came in for her second facial in her life.

“Is it too late for me?’

While it is better to prevent than to repair, reversing decades sun damage and natural aging is possible. One of the main causes of aging skin is the lack of collagen so my biggest challenge is to stimulate collagen on a cellular level.

Think of it this way: Young skin has collagen fibers, which are held in place by bonds that form a net. Each decade, we lose collage and that causes the net to sag.

Using products and facial treatments, we can stimulate collage production, repairing the net and plumping the skin from the inside out to reveal smoother, softer and younger looking skin.

An esthetician’s job is to work with the client to rebuild the components of the skin that have been lost over time. A proven approach to rebuild collagen is to do a series of facial peels.

By removing the buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, signals are sent evoking a wound response that says to the skin cells, “Hey, all that dead skin is gone. Let’s make fresh, healthy skin cells to replace the ones we lost.”

Facial peels will diminish fine lines, lift pigment, stimulate collagen and increase cell turnover.

So, yes, Virginia, there is hope for restoring a new radiance to your skin.

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