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With focus on your concerns, you’ll always get honest, dependable recommendations customized just for you.

Dr. Zacher has decades of experience. His “specialty” is performing these procedures “exactly right”. Our patients never look “overdone”.

Dr. Zacher believes in investing in only proven cutting-edge technology, from the lasers we use, to the pharmaceutical grade injectables.

About Us

Mountain Radiance was established in 2008 with the goal to provide the highest quality medical cosmetic care with a caring professional. Our goal is to provide you, the client honest and cost effect approach to address whatever cosmetic concerns you may have. Our goal is to focus on you your concerns and what we can do to help these areas.

We moved to Asheville in December of 2016 after having been in the Clyde/Waynesville area since 2008 and are quite pleased to be partnering with Melissa Markis of Skin Spa Asheville, who serves the community with facial treatments, peels, dermaplaning and provides most of our available laser services under the auspices of Mountain Radiance.

Mountain Radiance offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures and skin care services of course Botox remains one of our most popular choices for Asheville, Henderson and Tryon area residents. We serve the greater Western North Carolina area, primarily the Asheville area but continue to see our more Western clients as well, all the way to Franklin and Cherokee.

All procedures are provided by either Dr. Zacher, a board certified MD including the injection services and some of the laser services. Many of the laser services including laser hair removal, ReFirme™, FotoFacial™ are provided by Melissa Markis, LE under Dr. Zacher’s direction.

With the partnership between Mountain Radiance and Skin Spa Asheville, all the services needed to achieve the highest quality non-surgical cosmetic improvement.

Achieving a fresh, healthy look without surgery requires detailed knowledge of anatomy and a keen sense of aesthetics.   Our board certified medical professionals and licensed esthetics staff are here to provide the highest level of care and expertise.


Allan Zacher, MD is the founding physician of Mountain Radiance Medical Spa. His deep interest in science, technology and medicine and creative artistic potential has resulted in the perfect intersection of science and art – cosmetic medical practice. Dr Zacher has been a published photographer and skilled woodworker. This is important because use of cosmetic procedures is much like sculpting and envisioning the final result prior to starting.

His early career was in OR anesthesiology and subsequently in 2004, limited his practice to solely interventional pain management. During the time of that practice Dr. Zacher performed between 20,000 and 30,000 interventional injections, many X-ray guided on the spine and many knee and shoulder injections as well.

Dr. Zacher is a superlative interventionist – meaning he gives injections very gently, smoothly and with as little discomfort as possible. Sometimes the patients say they do not even feel the injections. He is highly skilled at the use of all kinds of medications for therapeutic injections. You can trust his background, his skills and his technique.

In 2008 he established Mountain Radiance as a parallel practice to the interventional one. This has done so well that he made the decision to focus 100% on use of a variety of interventional techniques to manage cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Allan Zacher caringly addresses the cosmetic concerns of the clients and, using cutting edge technologies and individualized plan to provide attention to the details of the issues the client wishes to address.

Clients concerns are paramount and the total focus of attention by Dr. Zacher. He carefully avoids the “over-done” appearance that can occur with less experienced providers. A customized a plan with your unique needs in mind is designed to help you reach your health and skin goals.


Allan Zacher, MD holds the position of Mountain Radiance’s Medical Director. Dr Zacher has selected all treatment protocols and ensures the clinical care is of the highest quality.

Dr. Zacher is an ABA-Board Certified physician with over 25 years in practice. He received his medical degree in 1983 at the University of Missouri and completed his residency at Washington University in St. Louis.

He received his medical license in North Carolina in 1986. Excerpts from curriculum vitae history include current Board of Director for North Carolina ASIPP and in the 1990’s was a Clinical Instructor for the University of California-San Diego.

He has pursued advanced training in cosmetic dermatology from leading educational institutions.

Dr. Zacher is a member of the American Medical Association and North Carolina Medical Society. In 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014 he received the AMA’s Physicians Recognition Awards for his outstanding commitment to continuing medical education.

In 2015 after 2 years of intensive study and research and in an ongoing desire to pursue additional education was awarded a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from one of the top ten programs in the country: Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His hobbies are hiking, genealogy research, digital photography and scuba diving.

Dr. Allan Zacher



Brianna is a licensed medical technologist (MT, and has performed an array of medical procedures in that capacity. She is also a certified pharmacy technician (CPHT) and is completing her training and certification as a Licensed Esthetician (LE).



Kaitlyn Decker is completing her training as a licensed aesthetician with AB Tech. This training has been delayed due to the COVID pandemic, but hopefully by the end of the summer (2020) she and Bri will be finished!

Kaitlyn is our newest member of “Team Radiance” and will be working as a receptionist and we will be training her to perform laser techniques as well!

Please join me in welcoming Kaitlyn to Mountain Radiance!


Mountain Radiance Medical Spa, PLLC is pleased to announce our most recent addition to the staff: Sarah Deighan Timins, RN. Sarah will be assisting Dr. Zacher with consultations, follow up appointments, and various procedures. Sarah is no stranger to the non-surgical cosmetic world, she has had Botox and filler herself and loves the brilliant fresh look it gives her. 


Sarah received her nursing degree from North Central Texas College. During her first year of nursing, she worked in the intensive care unit, providing care for critically ill patients and their families. During this time, she gained valuable clinical skill with injection techniques. She also discovered that patients would seem to light up after she performed hygiene care, such as washing their face or brushing their hair. This sparked a deepened interest in the field of aesthetics. Sarah believes that when you feel your best, it radiates outward. She has confidence in the belief that “aesthetics is an art form, allowing clients to achieve enhancement of their natural beauty”.


After moving to the Asheville area in July of 2020 with her husband, who works as a cardiologist, and their three dogs, she has been working as an agency nurse, assisting facilities that are in need of extra help due to the pandemic. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, and visiting the dog park. 


Please join us in welcoming Sarah to our practice, we hope you’re as excited about our addition and expansion as we are!

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