Skinvive by Juvéderm
An injectable treatment specifically designed to boost skin hydration to smooth the skin. Get hydrated, naturally glowing skin!
Skinvive by Juvéderm

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Skinvive by Juvéderm

What is Skinvive™?

SKINVIVE™, the latest Juvéderm® product, is an innovative injectable designed to rejuvenate and enhance the natural beauty and glow of your cheeks. This one-of-a-kind injectable offers a new approach to refreshing your skin’s appearance by boosting skin hydration—with long-lasting results!

How does Skinvive work?

Skinvive is formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), which naturally occurs in the body and has a unique ability to retain moisture. Skinvive harnesses the benefits of HA and uses small injection points distributed through the treatment area to increase hydration and smoothness. The injectable gel integrates seamlessly with your skin’s natural HA to create a natural-looking improvement in texture and fullness.

Benefits of Skinvive

Skinvive uniquely hydrates facial skin to address common concerns related to aging and skin quality, providing a solution that’s both effective and minimally invasive.

Visibly enhances skin hydration

Skinvive significantly boosts the skin’s hydration levels: The HA-based gel acts as a moisture magnet to draw in and retain water within the skin’s layers. The end result is a visibly supple, radiant complexion.

Improves skin texture

Skinvive also significantly improves your skin’s texture. Our Asheville med spa patients see a marked improvement in the smoothness and firmness of their skin, and fine lines and wrinkles appear much softer. 

What areas can Skinvive treat?

Skinvive is FDA-approved for injections in the cheeks, which is the primary treatment area. Skinvive’s knack for revealing natural skin beauty and a healthy glow can potentially benefit other facial areas as well, so in certain cases, your injector may recommend treatment in off-label (non-FDA approved) areas. 

Skinvive vs. other Juvéderm dermal fillers

Other dermal fillers in the Juvéderm family of fillers enhance your appearance by augmenting the physical volume of features or filling deep wrinkles; Skinvive stands out due to its specific focus on improving skin smoothness and hydration in the cheek area.

Which one is right for you?

Choosing between Skinvive and other Juvéderm dermal fillers depends on your individual skin concerns and aesthetic goals. If you want to improve cheek smoothness and hydration, Skinvive is the ideal option. If you would like to volumize and enhance other facial features, we will likely recommend an alternative Juvéderm product. 

At Mountain Radiance, we offer some of the most popular Juvéderm hyaluronic acid fillers, including:

Your Skinvive treatment: What to expect

Initial consultation

During your consultation, our expert injectors will evaluate your skin’s condition, discuss your aesthetic goals, and develop a customized Skinvive treatment plan that aligns with your expectations and needs.

The injection process 

We cleanse the treatment area, and using a very fine needle, inject the Skinvive hydration booster through a series of small injections at precise depths into the predetermined points.  The injections are spaced about 0.5-1 cm apart within the treatment area, and Skinvive diffuses within the skin to improve skin smoothness and boost hydration. 

The “microdroplet” technique requires extensive knowledge of skin and facial anatomy and physiology to achieve the strongest improvements. 

Are Skinvive injections painful?

Skinvive injections are quick and involve minimal discomfort; it is formulated with a small amount of lidocaine, a local anesthetic, to reduce pain during the procedure. If needed, we can apply additional numbing agents to further enhance your comfort during treatment, although treatments are generally well-tolerated, and most patients do not require additional pain management. 

Our skilled injectors are experts at minimizing discomfort and maximizing your results.

How many Skinvive skin booster treatments will I need?

We typically use a 1 mL syringe of Skinvive on each side of the face during your initial treatment. We can repeat the treatment after 4 weeks to add additional hydration for further improvements to dry skin, mild skin laxity, and signs of aging.  

Our experienced injectors will discuss your expectations and recommend the appropriate number of sessions to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Skinvive treatment results

When will I see results?

The benefits of Skinvive are often visible within a few days post-treatment, with optimal results typically seen within a few weeks as the gel integrates fully with your skin. The injected area will appear more hydrated and radiant, with fine lines and wrinkles noticeably diminished. 

How long do Skinvive results last?

The effects of Skinvive are long-lasting, with many patients enjoying their “glow treatment” for up to 6-9 months. To maintain your results, we recommend periodic touch-up treatments.

Post Skinvive treatment care

Recovery and downtime

Recovery from Skinvive treatments is typically swift, with most patients resuming daily activities immediately after their appointment. We will ask you to avoid harsh exfoliants or active ingredients to prevent skin irritation for 1-3 days following the injections. Minor side effects may occur but usually dissipate quickly.

Long-term care for maintained results

Maintaining your Skinvive results involves a skincare routine that includes daily sun protection, moisturizing products, and touch-up treatments if desired. Consistent skincare helps prolong the effects so you can enjoy more radiant and healthy-looking skin for longer.

Possible side effects of Skinvive

Common side effects are usually temporary and mild, including redness, swelling, pain, bruising, or itching at the injection site, and these typically subside within 7 days. 

Tips for minimizing side effects

You can minimize potential side effects by following simple post-treatment care instructions, including:

  • Avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours to prevent excessive swelling
  • Do not press on or rub treated areas so the gel does not migrate out of the optimal treatment area
  • Choose an injector with the knowledge and expertise to avoid potential complications or underwhelming results

Skinvive FAQs

Is Skinvive suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Skinvive is designed to be compatible with all skin types. 

Am I a good candidate for Skinvive?

If you want to improve skin hydration and smoothness and promote a natural, youthful glow without invasive procedures or surgery, Skinvive could be an ideal product. A consultation with a licensed professional will determine if Skinvive is the right treatment for your specific skin concerns and your skin’s condition.

Is Skinvive safe?

Skinvive is FDA-approved for adults over 21. FDA approval designates that the makers of Skinvive, Allergan Aesthetics, have conducted the necessary clinical studies to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Can I get other skin treatments on the same day as Skinvive?

Yes, Skinvive can be combined with other aesthetic treatments for comprehensive facial rejuvenation. We would be happy to discuss adding other premium medical spa services to your treatment appointment. 

Depending on your skin’s condition and the other treatment you have in mind, we may be able to perform both treatments on the same day or schedule the other treatment as soon as possible to allow the benefits of each treatment to fully take effect. 

Are there alternatives to Skinvive?

Not per se; Skinvive is the first and only intradermal microdroplet injection approved for use in the US to hydrate the skin. That said, there are several med spa treatments that boost collagen and elastin production and are highly effective at smoothing the skin, reducing signs of aging, and improving skin texture and skin tone, such as:

Understanding your options and consulting with a skincare expert can guide you toward the treatment that best meets your needs.

How much does Skinvive cost in Asheville, NC?

Skinvive treatment costs can vary based on the amount required to achieve the best results possible, and we offer convenient financing to accommodate your budget, so you can pamper now and pay later! We’ll provide the cost for your treatments during your consultation. 

We also regularly celebrate our Asheville med spa patients with exclusive specials so you can enjoy premium treatments and products and outstanding patient care at discounted pricing! 

Choosing the right provider 

Why trust our Asheville medical spa for your Skinvive treatment

Mountain Radiance is a physician-led medical spa, and our experienced skincare specialists are committed to providing an exceptional experience and natural results. We believe in a patient-centered approach to ensure your injections are comfortable and safe and you are happy with your personalized results.

Glow up with Skinvive

If you would like to achieve radiant, younger-looking skin with Skinvive, we invite you to schedule your consultation with one of our outstanding injectors—Dr. Mark Chandler, Physician Assistant Christina, or Nurse Injector Sarah—by calling Mountain Radiance at (828) 627-2711 or contacting us online.


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