Should I be ashamed of getting aesthetic procedures?

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Our self-esteem often feels closely linked to our appearance, and some people may wonder if they should be ashamed of getting aesthetic procedures like Botox® and laser skin treatments. The short (and long) answer is, no! Gone are the days when “getting work done” was a source of shame. Aesthetic procedures are both a means of enhancing natural beauty and a powerful tool for personal empowerment.

At our Asheville medical spa, we offer medical aesthetic services as a form of self-care and self-expression. Here, we share how these procedures can help empower you. 

The psychological impact of aesthetic procedures

Aesthetic procedures are about more than just looking good; they’re about feeling confident and in control of your body and appearance. When you choose to receive medical spa treatments, you’re deciding to enhance or improve something that is unique to you—a choice that can be incredibly liberating! 

Procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels improve your complexion and the health of your skin.

Think about how you feel after your hair or nail appointment—usually pretty great, right? You don’t feel ashamed for getting highlights that bring out your eyes, a custom haircut that frames your face, or a nail color and shape that flatters your hand. In the same way, aesthetic procedures are something you do for yourself! And as your providers, we aim to take what is naturally yours and enhance it to better suit your look—not to change your appearance to fit a certain ideal of beauty. 

Research confirms that aesthetic treatments provide a confidence boost

It’s no surprise that people typically experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem following aesthetic treatments; in fact, there’s research to support these effects. In a recent study by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, participants received multimodal facial rejuvenation, which included Botox-type injectables, dermal fillers, and eyelash growth serum. In a post-treatment self-assessment, participants reported significant improvement in their psychological well-being, appearance, confidence, and perception of aging. 

Whether you want to rejuvenate your look through treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, or microchanneling, or with injectables like Skinvive™, Juvéderm® dermal fillers, Sculptra®, and Botox®, these enhancements can make you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin.

Choosing aesthetic procedures for the right reasons

It’s crucial to differentiate between choosing a procedure for yourself and succumbing to societal pressures. Think of it this way: Do you exercise to look and feel better, or are you trying to change your body to fit what you see when you scroll through social media? It’s OK to want to improve or correct your natural anatomy, as long as your intentions stem from the right place.

Self-love vs. societal pressure

Opting to undergo aesthetic treatments should come from a desire to feel better about a particular feature or skin condition or to highlight something you do like about yourself. 

If you are seeking treatments to meet others’ expectations or the current “standards” of beauty, you may not be as emotionally fulfilled or pleased with the physical results. Not to mention, the success of aesthetic procedures is largely reliant on your provider’s ability to personalize your treatment to harmonize with your unique anatomy. 

For example, if you want to enhance the shape and volume of your lips, requesting the same number of dermal filler syringes that an influencer you follow (or even a close friend or family member) is not a viable approach. A reputable injector will listen to your goals and consider your overall facial proportions before recommending the right number of syringes to plump your pout while still maintaining a balanced, natural look.  

If you find that you are fixated on a specific look, regardless of whether it suits you or not, you may need to take a step back and figure out what is driving your desire and take steps to discover where you may need more support.

The role of professional guidance

The team of aesthetic professionals at Mountain Radiance believes in honest, transparent consultations to help you make informed choices about treatment options that are truly aligned with your personal goals. Aside from having the technical skills, training, and experience to perform safe and effective treatments, we also provide compassionate guidance to ensure that our patients’ expectations are realistic and rooted in self-love so they are happy with their results and feel safe and trust us with their appearance and well-being.  

Our licensed professionals use only FDA-approved products and the latest techniques to ensure the highest standards of safety and care.

About our medical spa in Asheville

At Mountain Radiance, we understand that aesthetic procedures are more than just skin-deep—they’re a step toward feeling empowered in your skin. If you’re considering one of our professional treatments and want to learn more about how it can support your goals, please schedule a consultation by calling (828) 627-2711 or contact us online.  

Dr. Mark Chandler oversees our Asheville med spa’s professional staff, including a Physician’s Assistant, Aesthetic Nurse, Medical Assistant, and licensed estheticians. We would love to meet with you and are here to guide you on your journey to feeling confident, empowered, and completely at ease with your appearance!

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