Your Laser Hair Removal Questions ANSWERED!

The following questions are from that potential customers have written about laser hair removal. These are indeed pretty good questions!

When I wax my arms I develop a reaction/acne on only my upper arms that lasts at least a month or two. Should I try laser? – Yes. hair follicles can become infected a variety of ways, sometimes shaving sometimes waxing. Laser will take care of all of this. Just remember it takes several treatments (we say 4 – 6) to reach completion for most people.

which thing is better, to epliate before or after laser?  Do NOT! Pluck, Wax, Epliate ***BEFORE*** laser hair removal. While it is not dangerous, it will make the treatment less effective. The root has to be there and these techniques usually pull the hair out “by the root”. DO SHAVE because this will remove the external hair but leave the roots for the laser to heat up.

Is laser hair removal generally effective with Alma Laser Soprano ICE SHR compared to other lasers?  At our practice we find that the Lumenis LightSheer with a liquid cooled artificial sapphire is the best for both reducing or eliminating pain with the procedure – but also delivers the most energy for effective destruction of generative tissue that grows the hair. ALL of the FDA approved laser hair removal (LHR) lasers will do a fine job, but again, we find the LightSheer to be the most comfortable and the most effective!

See our description here.

The LightSheer uses a specific wavelength of light (805 nm) that is the most effective at “killing” the root. That is the way that it works (see photo above). While intense pulsed light (IPL) is FDA approved for LHR it does not do as good a job in my experience. LHR is broadband with all the colors, but the 805 nm wavelength, again, is the most effective.

I hope you found this post helpful!

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