Your Top Questions About Sculptra, Answered

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Sculptra® dermal filler has quickly become a go-to injectable at our Asheville med spa for achieving natural, long-lasting results our patients love. This innovative filler can be used to add volume almost anywhere on the body and offers a non-invasive alternative to procedures such as fat grafting and even the popular Brazilian butt lift (BBL). 

With all the attention Sculptra is getting, the expert team of injectors at Mountain Radiance is here to share answers to the top questions patients are asking about this unique FDA-approved dermal filler. Let’s dive in! 

Can Sculptra prevent aging?

Sculptra can’t stop the natural aging process, but it can certainly help manage visible signs of aging or be used proactively to delay signs of aging in younger patients. Sculptra is an injectable treatment made from a biocompatible, biodegradable substance called Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) and works by stimulating your body’s natural collagen production—a protein that gives our skin its structure and elasticity. Collagen production gradually decreases starting in your early 30s, and many start to notice lines, wrinkles, and volume loss begin to develop soon after. New collagen growth helps restore volume and smooth wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance. 

Are Sculptra’s results more natural-looking?

Indeed, one of the many benefits of Sculptra is that it delivers exceptionally natural-looking results. Traditional fillers add physical volume to fill in static lines and wrinkles and volumize targeted areas to achieve immediate results. Sculptra works differently and essentially encourages the body to repair these signs of aging from the inside out. The new collagen that is formed helps to gradually restore facial volume and smooth out lines and wrinkles in a way that is harmonious with your facial features. 

Sculptra results take several weeks to a few months for the full effects to become evident as the body has time to carry out these processes. Thus, your transformation appears more natural and subtle rather than sudden or drastic—it’s like turning back the clock on aging rather than trying to stop it overnight.

The final outcome relies heavily on the skill and experience of the provider you choose to perform your treatment. 

An expert injector will consider your goals and anatomy when determining the proper placement and dosage to achieve the results you are looking for.

Will Sculptra change my face shape?

Not drastically; Sculptra is designed to add subtle volume and improve skin texture, not significantly alter your face’s shape. You’ll likely notice enhanced contours depending on where it’s injected. For example, if your injector places Sculptra in the cheek area to add youthful volume, it may give your mid-face a slightly rounded, fuller appearance. 

Sculptra is formulated differently than other dermal fillers, and your injector will thoroughly discuss your goals and explain what Sculptra can achieve. If you want to enhance your natural facial structure, your injector may recommend hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers instead:

  • Juvéderm Volux’s formula has a thicker consistency and is designed to help sculpt a more defined jawline and chin appearance. 
  • Juvéderm Voluma can achieve a “non-surgical facelift” effect by adding significant volume to the cheeks to visibly lift the skin.

Can Sculptra improve crepey skin?

Yes, Sculptra can help improve the appearance of crepey skin. Crepey skin is characterized by its thin, wrinkled texture (like crepe paper) and forms when there is not enough collagen and fat stores underneath the skin to support it. Sculptra’s ability to boost collagen production helps to thicken the skin and improve its texture over time. As the skin’s collagen matrix is reinforced, it becomes firmer, and the crepey look and feel of the skin becomes less pronounced.

Crepey skin is typically seen in more mature patients, and a comprehensive approach to treating signs of aging will achieve stronger results. Combining targeted treatments like laser skin rejuvenation and ProCell microchanneling with Sculptra injections can work synergistically to improve the health and appearance of your skin on and below the skin’s surface for more notable and long-lasting anti-aging effects. 

Can Sculptra lift jowls?

Yes, Sculptra can, to some extent, provide a lifting effect and help reduce the appearance of mild sagging skin or jowls in the lower face. The additional collagen stores that Sculptra injections create can provide more support for lax skin and improve skin elasticity over time.  

Sculptra and other injectables will not achieve the same dramatic results as surgical intervention; if you have severe jowls, a surgical facelift paired with non-surgical med spa treatments, such as Sculptra, chemical peels, and laser treatments, may be the most effective solution to achieve your goals. 

Sculptra in Asheville, NC

If you are interested in seeing how Sculptra can improve your natural beauty, it’s crucial to consult with knowledgeable and experienced providers who can guide you in selecting the best products and treatments for your skin concerns and aesthetic goals. Mountain Radiance is under the direction of Dr. Mark Chandler to ensure our Asheville patients receive comprehensive care using the most effective treatments for optimal results. 

Book your consultation and treatment with Dr. Mark, nurse injector Sarah, or physician assistant Christina today to take the first step towards a more youthful appearance with Sculptra. Call our office at (828) 627-2711 or send us a message today! 

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