Can I take Advil after Botox?

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Today, Dr. Mark of Mountain Radiance in Asheville is sitting down to address one question we frequently hear from our BOTOX patients.

The question is: Can I take Advil after BOTOX? I’m going to expand this to include Aleve and aspirin as well.

The short answer is that it would be better to avoid it, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.  

People commonly take Advil or Motrin or ibuprofen, which are all just different names for the same medication, to help with minor pain and swelling. BOTOX does involve passing a needle through the skin and can cause some minor discomfort.  Some people can also experience some mild headaches that could also be treated with a medication like Advil.

The main issue with Advil as well as Aleve or naproxen is that they can affect the way that your platelets work, and make bleeding or bruising more likely than it otherwise would be. This is a relatively minor effect overall, but if you can avoid it for 24-48 hours it would be better. 

Tylenol, acetaminophen or paracetamol if you’re outside of the US, doesn’t have this effect on platelets so this is what I would be reaching for first, especially if you have a history of easy bruising like me or a condition that makes you more likely to bruise or bleed.  

You could also use something simple like an ice pack or cold compress which can also help with pain and swelling.

What about aspirin after BOTOX?

Now aspirin is in a category of its own. Aspirin also affects the way that platelets work but rather than temporarily inactivating them, aspirin will permanently inactivate the platelet. This means that, for the life of that platelet, it will no longer work. This isn’t so bad because platelets only live for about a week before they’re filtered out and replaced. This is why, if possible, it would be best to stop aspirin a week before treatment to prevent bruising.  

If one of your doctors has recommended taking aspirin, and there are a lot of different reasons why they might, please talk to them first before pausing the aspirin. They can help you with the balance of the benefit of decreased bruising with the risk of not taking aspirin for your condition.

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